Friday, September 7, 2012

The Obama Speech

We were watching TV Thursday night, the last night of the DNC Convention, and when a commercial would interrupt the program we were watching my husband would switch over to see what Obama was saying.  During those brief moments all I heard was lies.  The first blurb:
Obama: No one who has fought for this country should have to fight for a job. 
This coming from the guy who sued Boeing and AT&T when they tried to create jobs, the guy who nixed a pipeline that would have created jobs, the guy who swore to shut down America's coal industry, the guy who gave money to a half dozen green energy plants that squandered it and went bankrupt, the guy who gave GM to the unions and closed down over 1,500 auto dealerships.  In June of 2009, GM North America, the manufacturing part of the business, employed over 70,000 people in the United States.  Today they employ 74,500 for a net gain of 4,500 jobs.  What they did NOT tell you was the job losses from closing those 1,500 dealerships currently stand at 63,000.  So actually, thanks to Obama's planning, there is really a net LOSS of 58,500 jobs.

The next time my husband flipped over to hear Obama:
 Obama talked about stopping banks who "tricked" homeowners into buying homes they couldn't afford. 
I about fell off my chair!! Obama was part of the law firm that was suing these same banks if the did NOT approve those loans, calling it racist. Today, 90% of the homeowners involved in that lawsuit have lost those homes.

 I guess Obama voters don't want to know the whole story.  Those two statements were in the course of about two minutes.  I couldn't have kept up with disputing the lies if I had tried to hear the whole thing.  And Democrats Vote for this guy.  WHY?

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