Friday, September 14, 2012

Remember this Photo

Remember this photo of Ambassador Chris Stevens. It is now reported that he was raped and beaten before he was killed in Libya. Remember this photo, when you hear that President Obama apologized to the Muslims that were attacking our embassy. Remember this photo, when you hear that the President also skipped all of his daily intelligence briefings, since Sept, 5th- so he could attend fundraisers. Remember this photo, when you find out that he would have been warned of the planned attacks on our embassies starting on 9/11. Remember this photo, when the attacks get worse, the military moves in, gas prices go up, and we are in another war. Most of all, remember this photo on election day.
~Neil Harris

I am so sick of the liberal democrats giving Obama a pass on every non-presidential move he makes.  They blamed President Bush for EVERYTHING. From trying to say he was somehow connected to the bombing of the Twin Towers to Hurricane Katrina to what they called "a bad economy" back then.   The economy that was cruising along with unemployment under 5%, a stock market that peaked at 14,000, gas prices that were under $2.  Here we are after four years of a democrat controlled congress (2007-2011), two of those years the democrats held both houses AND the Presidency, and  the media holds Obama accountable for absolutely nothing!  Obama doesn't even show up for daily intelligence briefings, people DIE because he won't make decisions and don't be surprised if many more die as well.  Obama won't allow our military to have armed weapons at these embassies, he won't let the military fire on the enemy unless the enemy shoots first and people DIE.  The media had a regular daily report of the soldiers who were dying in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Even more have died under Obama, and yet again--- the media is silent on this too.

Even now, the media is out there doing all they can to make this whole mess look like it is somehow Mitt Romney's fault right now. HE is not the president.  They never once report on the callous indifference of
 the man they blindly support; 
the man who won't take their questions;
the man who campaigns as his own naive policies are causing the entire Middle East to explode;
the man who is always ready for a game of golf, vacations, and appearances on night talk shows;
the man who invites the Muslim Brotherhood to the White House but openly shuns the leader of Israel.
. . . and the list goes on.

THEN the media tries to say it's not biased.  Maybe they don't think so because they are completely oblivious to anything that doesn't fit their template.  Perhaps if the media would concede that there even IS another point of view other than their own, they would be able to see why we call them pandering sycophants, liars and incompetent.


Sarah Rose said...
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Sarah Rose said...

How many American private military contractors died in the wars during the Bush years? Do you know how many?

Nope. Because you don't actually care about the lives lost. You just hate Obama.

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