Wednesday, December 19, 2012

UPDATE 12-19-12

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"Too Many Coincidences"
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China Demands Gun Control- In America!

So the CHINESE Want Americans Disarmed. Gee, I wonder why. . .

The current Chinese government, the communist People’s Republic of China, was established in a revolution led by Mao Zedong, who killed an estimated 40-70 million people with starvation, executions, and re-education camps.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

It's Not the Guns!

There are a number of reasons why our society is becoming increasingly violent and most have nothing to do with GUNS. It has more to do with a society that grows ever more TENSE due to pressure from people not having work or not having jobs that pay well enough to live the way we'd like. It could be due to the rise in conditions like ADD, Narcissistic Personality Disorder and just plain sociopath behavior that comes from who knows what? Too many vaccines as a child? Too many video games? Too much stupid stuff on TV? Mainstreaming troubled children? Not-so-safe preservatives in our food? It could have to do with the insane level of politics in schools and at work, where people are not acknowledged for what they can do but rather who their parents are or who they know where they work. They say that "Life isn't fair", but I think it's gone way beyond that anymore. People are losing hope.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Isn't he COOL?

He looks so classy doesn't he?
And really interested in the meeting, too.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Bank Scandal Report Timed to Death of Reporters Children

The  law suit first appeared on CNBC’s website some time in the week ending October 27, 2012. On Thursday October 25, 2012 news of CNBC’s Sr. Vice President, Kevin Krim’s children death is released.

 According to The Intell Hub, on October 27, 2012 “Since this information (about the law suit) was surprisingly revealed by the mainstream news organization there has been a very suspicious and deadly fallout at the CNBC headquarters. Within hours, the original page for the article was taken down, and CNBC senior vice president Kevin Krim received news that his children were killed under very suspicious circumstances’.

  The children’s nanny, Yoselin Ortega is the primary suspect in the death of the children. She is in the hospital after reportedly she cut her wrists and slit her throat after killing the children.  She refuses to cooperate with police and is hiring a lawyer according to CBS October 29, 2012.

Case 1:12-cv-04269-JBW-RML Document 36 Filed 10/25/12 Page 11 of 414 PageID #: 777
PRESS RELEASE NEW YORK, NY-- (10/25/12) --

Spire Law Group, LLP’s national home owners’ lawsuit, pending in the venue where the “Banksters” control their $43 trillion racketeering scheme (New York) – known as the largest money laundering and racketeering lawsuit in United States History and identifying $43 trillion ($43,000,000,000,000.00) of laundered money by the “Banksters” and their U.S. racketeering partners and joint venturers – now pinpoints the identities of the key racketeering partners of the “Banksters” located in the highest offices of government and acting for their own self-interests. In connection with the federal lawsuit now impending in the United States District Court in Brooklyn, New York – involving, among other things, a request that the District Court enjoin all mortgage foreclosures by the Banksters nationwide, unless and until the entire $43 trillion is repaid to a court-appointed receiver – Plaintiffs now establish the location of the $43 trillion($43,000,000,000,000.00) of laundered money in a racketeering enterprise participated in by the following individuals (without limitation): Attorney General Holder acting in his individual capacity, Assistant Attorney General Tony West, the brother in law of Defendant California Attorney General Kamala Harris (both acting in their individual capacities), Jon Corzine (former New Jersey Governor), Robert Rubin (former Treasury Secretary and Bankster), Timothy Geitner, Treasury Secretary (acting in his individual capacity), Vikram Pandit (recently resigned and disgraced Chairman of the Board of Citigroup), Valerie Jarrett (a Senior White House Advisor), Anita Dunn (a former “communications director” for the Obama Administration), Robert Bauer (husband of Anita Dunn and Chief Legal Counsel for the Obama Re-election Campaign), as well as the “Banksters” themselves, and their affiliates and conduits. The lawsuit alleges serial violations of the United States Patriot Act, the Policy of Embargo Against Iran and Countries Hostile to the Foreign Policy of the United States, and the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (commonly known as the RICO statute) and other State and Federal laws. In the District Court lawsuit, Spire Law Group, LLP -- on behalf of home owner across the Country and New York taxpayers, as well as under other taxpayer recompense laws -- has expanded its mass tort action into federal court in Brooklyn, New York, seeking to halt all foreclosures nationwide pending the return of the $43 trillion ($43,000,000,000.00) by the “Banksters” and their co-conspirators, seeking an audit of the Fed and audits of all the “bailout programs” by an independent receiver such as Neil Barofsky, former Inspector General of the TARP program who has stated that
-11 -

 none of the TARP money and other “bailout money” advanced from the Treasury has ever been repaid despite protestations to the contrary by the Defendants as well as similar protestations by President Obama and the Obama Administration both publicly on national television and more privately to the United States Congress. Because the Obama Administration has failed to pursue any of the “Banksters” criminally, and indeed is actively borrowing monies for Mr. Obama’s campaign from these same “Banksters” to finance its political aspirations, the national group of plaintiff homeowners has been forced to now expand its lawsuit to include racketeering, money laundering and intentional violations of the Iranian Nations Sanctions and Embargo Act by the national banks included among the “Bankster” Defendants. The complaint –  which has now been fully served on thousands of the “Banksters and their Co - Conspirators” – makes it irrefutable that the epicenter of this laundering and racketeering enterprise has been and continues to be Wall Street and continues to involve the very “Banksters” located there who have repeatedly asked in the past to be “bailed out” and to be “bailed out” in the future.

 The Havens for the money laundering schemes – and certain of the names and places of these entities – are located in such venues as Switzerland, the Isle of Man, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Cypress and entities controlled by governments adverse to the interests of the United States Sanctions and Embargo Act against Iran, and are also identified in both the United Nations and the U.S. Senate’s recent reports on international money laundering. Many of these entities have already been personally served with summons and process of the complaint during the last six months. It is now beyond dispute that, while the Obama Administration was publicly encouraging loan modifications for home owners by “Banksters”, it was privately ratifying the formation of these shell companies in violation of the United States Patriot Act, and State and Federal law. The case further alleges that through these obscure foreign companies, Bank of America, J.P. Morgan, Wells Fargo Bank, Citibank, Citigroup, One West Bank, and numerous other federally chartered banks stole trillions of  dollars of home owners' and taxpayers’ money during the last decade and then laundered it through offshore companies This District Court Complaint – maintained by Spire Law Group, LLP -- is the only lawsuit in the world listing as Defendants the Banksters, let alone serving all of such Banksters with legal process and therefore forcing them to finally answer the charges in court. Neither the Securities and Exchange Commission, nor the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, nor the Office of the
 -12 -
 Case 1:12-cv-04269-JBW-RML Document 36 Filed 10/25/12 Page 13 of 414 PageID #: 779

Attorney General, nor any State Attorney General has sued the Banksters and thereby legally chased them worldwide to recover-back the $43 trillion ($43,000,000,000,000.00) and other lawful damages, injunctive relief and other legal remedies. James N. Fiedler, Managing Partner of Spire Law Group, LLP, stated: “Why did it take a private lawfirm to reveal the biggest secret regarding the Obama Administration, especially after the prior Bush Administration appointed a competent Democrat – Neil Barofsky – to head up the TARP program? What has the Administration done to recover back these trillions of dollars, since April, 2012 when this complaint was first filed? Why hasn’t the Administration acted to investigate or fire Holder, engaged in conflicts of interest with outside lawyers while he purports at the same time to act for the public good as U.S. Attorney General? What exactly does Timothy Geitner do for a living, other than preside over the laundering and racketeering of trillions of dollars? Why has no Bankster been suedor indicted by any of the foregoing public officials, while they concurrently steal trillions of dollars and transfer them to Luxembourg? Former FDIC Chairman Shiela Bair said that the “bailout” benefitted ‘solely the Banksters and all regular American citizens were left to fend for themselves.’” Spire Law Group, LLP’s charter is to not allow such corruption to go unanswered.” Comments were requested from the Attorney Generals' offices in NY, CA, NV, NH , OH, MA and the White House, but no comment was provided.

  Spire Law Group, LLP  is a national law firm whose motto is "the public should be protected -- at all costs -- from corruption in whatever form it presents itself." The Firm is comprised of lawyers nationally with more than 250-years of experience in a span of matters ranging from representing large corporations and wealthy individuals, to also representing the masses. The Firm is at the frontlines litigating against government officials, banks, defunct loan pools, and now the very offshore entities where the corruption was enabled and perpetrated.


Friday, September 14, 2012

Remember this Photo

Remember this photo of Ambassador Chris Stevens. It is now reported that he was raped and beaten before he was killed in Libya. Remember this photo, when you hear that President Obama apologized to the Muslims that were attacking our embassy. Remember this photo, when you hear that the President also skipped all of his daily intelligence briefings, since Sept, 5th- so he could attend fundraisers. Remember this photo, when you find out that he would have been warned of the planned attacks on our embassies starting on 9/11. Remember this photo, when the attacks get worse, the military moves in, gas prices go up, and we are in another war. Most of all, remember this photo on election day.
~Neil Harris

I am so sick of the liberal democrats giving Obama a pass on every non-presidential move he makes.  They blamed President Bush for EVERYTHING. From trying to say he was somehow connected to the bombing of the Twin Towers to Hurricane Katrina to what they called "a bad economy" back then.   The economy that was cruising along with unemployment under 5%, a stock market that peaked at 14,000, gas prices that were under $2.  Here we are after four years of a democrat controlled congress (2007-2011), two of those years the democrats held both houses AND the Presidency, and  the media holds Obama accountable for absolutely nothing!  Obama doesn't even show up for daily intelligence briefings, people DIE because he won't make decisions and don't be surprised if many more die as well.  Obama won't allow our military to have armed weapons at these embassies, he won't let the military fire on the enemy unless the enemy shoots first and people DIE.  The media had a regular daily report of the soldiers who were dying in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Even more have died under Obama, and yet again--- the media is silent on this too.

Even now, the media is out there doing all they can to make this whole mess look like it is somehow Mitt Romney's fault right now. HE is not the president.  They never once report on the callous indifference of
 the man they blindly support; 
the man who won't take their questions;
the man who campaigns as his own naive policies are causing the entire Middle East to explode;
the man who is always ready for a game of golf, vacations, and appearances on night talk shows;
the man who invites the Muslim Brotherhood to the White House but openly shuns the leader of Israel.
. . . and the list goes on.

THEN the media tries to say it's not biased.  Maybe they don't think so because they are completely oblivious to anything that doesn't fit their template.  Perhaps if the media would concede that there even IS another point of view other than their own, they would be able to see why we call them pandering sycophants, liars and incompetent.

Friday, September 7, 2012

The Obama Speech

We were watching TV Thursday night, the last night of the DNC Convention, and when a commercial would interrupt the program we were watching my husband would switch over to see what Obama was saying.  During those brief moments all I heard was lies.  The first blurb:
Obama: No one who has fought for this country should have to fight for a job. 
This coming from the guy who sued Boeing and AT&T when they tried to create jobs, the guy who nixed a pipeline that would have created jobs, the guy who swore to shut down America's coal industry, the guy who gave money to a half dozen green energy plants that squandered it and went bankrupt, the guy who gave GM to the unions and closed down over 1,500 auto dealerships.  In June of 2009, GM North America, the manufacturing part of the business, employed over 70,000 people in the United States.  Today they employ 74,500 for a net gain of 4,500 jobs.  What they did NOT tell you was the job losses from closing those 1,500 dealerships currently stand at 63,000.  So actually, thanks to Obama's planning, there is really a net LOSS of 58,500 jobs.

The next time my husband flipped over to hear Obama:
 Obama talked about stopping banks who "tricked" homeowners into buying homes they couldn't afford. 
I about fell off my chair!! Obama was part of the law firm that was suing these same banks if the did NOT approve those loans, calling it racist. Today, 90% of the homeowners involved in that lawsuit have lost those homes.

 I guess Obama voters don't want to know the whole story.  Those two statements were in the course of about two minutes.  I couldn't have kept up with disputing the lies if I had tried to hear the whole thing.  And Democrats Vote for this guy.  WHY?

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fake Phone Photo

Obama Stiffs Cities with His Bills

Barack Obama Lies 

If a city is planning to host a campaign event for the Obama Campaign, they had better brace themselves for the very real possibility that Obama does not cover the extra costs incurred at the local level.  Should one try to collect from the Obama Campaign, one could receive a form letter similar to the one sent to Durham, Westport and Beverly Hills:

“All such decisions, including their impact on costs incurred by federal, state or local governments are exclusively within the control of the appropriate government officials.

“Should there be a question about the allocation of expenses among the cooperating authorities, we assume that it should be directed to the U.S. Secret Service.”
UPDATE: September 7, 2012 Charlotte, NC   Democrats ended their convention in Charlotte $5 million short of their budget even after being forced to draw down a $10 million line of credit from Duke Energy Corp. (DUK) according to a Democratic Party fundraiser.
That will leave a $15 million bill that eventually will have to be paid by President Barack Obama’s campaign or the Democratic National Committee, according to the fundraiser, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss internal deliberations.
~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~
 August 21, 2012 Las Vegas NV    Obama’s campaign, Obama for America (OFA), left the Clark County School District with nearly $25,000 in unpaid bills from two rallies at Bonanza and Coronado high schools in 2008.  They finally paid it back in June of this year; probably because they would like to be able to use this same resource again this year. The question is, "How long will he take to pay them back this time? Will he pay it all?"
~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

August 20, 2012 - Westport, CT     The  Democratic National Committee has notified the Town of Westport it will not pay police and fire overtime costs for providing assistance in President Obama’s fundraising visit to Westport earlier this month, to the tune of $14, 812.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~
August 2, 2012 Newport Beach, CA    He's stiffing the California city of Newport Beach $35,000 for extra security costs incurred when the campaigner-in-chief held a fundraiser in the oceanfront community early this year.

June 25, 2012  Durham, NH Population 10,235 - Barack Obama's reelection campaign refused to pay $20,000 in public safety costs associated with the president's visit. An anonymous donor came forward, though and paid it for the city. THAT is why this story made the news. 

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~
April 2012  Burlington VT  Obama stiffed this town of 17,000 for $2,100.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~
November 3, 2011 Beverly Hills, CA 
He campaigned in Beverly Hills on two separate occasions, both times the City of Beverly Hills was involved in the planning, safety, security and transportation arrangement associated with a presidential visit, costing the City $82,044.  They are still seeking reimbursement.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~
When Obama announced Biden as his running mate in 2008, during his campaign he stiffed the city of Springfield, IL for $55,000.

This is just a list of cities that have been made public.  I'm sure there could be others which have simply  gotten attention from the media yet.  If you know of any more, please feel free add them in the comments section

Monday, August 20, 2012

Barack Obama Lies 

 The Obama campaign is going to do all it can to paint Romney/Ryan as liars in an effort to cover up the massive amount of lies told and being told by the Obama campaign.  Click the website above to refresh your memory on all the lies told by Obama and for Obama.  The lies are in chronological order by date and also in categories on various pages.  There is also an index to help you pin down specific lies you may remember, but would like the source.

Rising Racial Violence