Monday, January 6, 2014

Really Dumb Democrat Congress Women

I listen to these women and others on the Democrat side and wonder WHO votes for these people?
They come up with more dumb reasons to explain their dumb ideas than should even be tolerated by a minimally educated society.  These are just a few of the women in Congress who have no clue.


February 7, 2014
After insisting that 10 million have benefited from the ACA — a figure that is impossible to verify and leads one to conclude she simply made it up — Moore went on to paraphrase the New York Times editorial board which called the federally-funded incentives for people not to work and be supported
 by those who do “liberating.”
“You could say people don’t want a promotion, because if they make more money they’ll have to pay more taxes,” Moore said in false equivalence. This makes sense only to those who do not currently pay income taxes on their wages – which may, in fact, be her intended audience.

Dem Rep Eleanor Holmes Norton:  
More People Aren’t Enrolling In ObamaCare Because They Think It’s Repealed

One of her newest crazy statements, Pelosi is stating that extending unemployment benefits creates jobs. Nancy Pelosi is a treasure trove of dingbat comments.

Then there's Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  She was reading the word "miss-led" but it looked like "my-zld' to her.  You see?  They have people who think for them.  They just read and obey.  As a matter of fact, Little Debbie is so good at obedience, the made her the Chairperson of the DNC, which recently sent out an email urging supporters to vote democrat so the Republicans can't impeach Obama.  Great campain strategy, huh.

Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas--- believes herself to be a "freed slave".  I didn't know they still had slavery in Texas.

And we should really be thankful for the rare bit of truth we hear from people like Maxine Waters, 
even if it is completely unintentional

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