Sunday, May 26, 2013

Dropping Housing Starts

I still can't believe how many people fall for the lies being told to them by the Mainstream Media and the Obama Administration.  They have people believing that the economy is improving,citing Housing Starts.  It's just nuts because housing starts are HALF what they were when President Bush was in office and back then, they were making his 1.96 million starts sound like the end of our economy.  CNN REPORT

US Housing Starts Chart

But as you can see with this chart, the Starts are not only less than HALF of what was considered bad under Bush, but they also are not rising, they are FALLING!

I go clear back to 2006, because after that the Democrats took over both the House and the Senate and Pelosi and Reid did everything they could think of to block anything Bush did and undo any programs he had already put in place.  So technically speaking, President Bush lost his power and became a lame duck when Democrats took over the Congress in January of 2007.  Democrats like to overlook that little detail as well, because it is just another example of how incompetent (or is it deliberately destructive?) that they are.

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