Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Deaths Under Obama

Since the media is not as interested in reporting the number of deaths by terrorists and enemy combatants, I have put the list together here:

The number of people who have died in Afghanistan under Obama's leadership is 2,242, more than double the number of deaths in Afghanistan under President Bush.    Casualties

The number of deaths in Iraq is 586.

In addition to these numbers, there was ONE terrorist attack on American soil that reached its destination in the 8 years that President Bush was in office.

In the five years Obama has been in charge, there have been FIVE!
  Boston:  4 dead, 264 injured
  Fort Hood:  13 dead, 32 injured
  Little Rock Recruiting Station:  1 dead, 1 injured
  Underwear Bomber
  Time Square Bomber

In addition, there are the four Americans who were killed in the highly concealed attack in Benghazi.

To take it another step further, under the Obama Administrations other highly concealed operation, Fast and Furious, it is impossible to determine the thousands of people who have died at the hand of illegally obtained weapons drug cartel members purchased openly as part of F&F.  These people then took the weapons into Mexico, unobstructed, walking freely over the border with no questions asked and used these weapons on innocent civilians and sold them to God knows who (i.e. terrorists with Mexican Connections)

The only reason we haven't been getting nonstop coverage of these things, as the media was so happy to cover when it was a Republican in the White House, is because the media does not wish to report anything negative about people in their own party.  Why the silence?

Updates coming. . . .

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