Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fast and Furious Investigation

(Just make a mental note.  While the details of Fast and Furious are coming out, notice they huge amount of attention and coverage these silly protesters are receiving.  They have no unified message, they sound practically incoherent when interviewed and yet the Mainstream Media deems them more worthy of air time than all the twists and turn in THIS story.  IT'S A DISTRACTION, folks.)

Obama's Attorney General. Eric Holder and National Security Director for North America Kevin O’Reilly, knew about operation Fast and Furious as early as September 2010, but for some reason they seem unwilling to testify before the investigating committee.
Issa, head of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee,  noted that there has been “political interference at the highest level” throughout the Oversight committee’s Fast and Furious investigation.

A photo of some weapons that have been discovered in Mexico.

Some of Obama's appointees, cronies and henchmen are getting themselves in deeper and deeper.  For those who haven't heard yet, the ATF blew the whistle on his Fast and Furious Operation that was selling guns to the Mexican Drug Cartels.  The question is was it really poor management on Holder and Obama's part, or was it a deliberate attempt to arm enemies of the United States?  But somehow, thousands of guns are now being used to commit crimes against individuals and border agents.

It really makes a person quake in their boots when they hear that certain Muslim terrorist organizations are training just south of the border, being trained to pass for Mexican illegals because even TERRORISTS know that nothing happens to illegals when they break the law.

Pat Dollard, an radio show host, reported that "in recent months, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has annexed a private aircraft hanger at the Tucson International Airport. Their presence is intended to assist the United States Border Patrol. However, they have no intention of halting drug smuggling, human trafficking, or general illegal immigration, per se. Rather, according to an anonymous officer within the Tucson Police Department, the FBI has established this post in order to observe and report upon increasing communication and collaboration between Mexican cartels and Islamic terrorist organizations – an association that the Department of Justice and FBI have long whitewashed…until recently. " Read More. . .

It's good to see Senator Darrell Issa is getting tired of playing games with Eric Holder.  After a scathing letter from Eric Holder, Senator Issa fired back with a letter of his own.  He pointed out that Eric Holder was either incompetent or a liar and that his actions could be construed as felonies.  It's about time we see some one in Congress looking into the Obama Administration and what seems like an attempt to arm our enemies with our tax dollars and our weapons.

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