Sunday, August 29, 2010

Million Man Marches?

Here is a photo of the 9/12 March in 2008

And finally, we have photo of the Glenn Beck Rally

So you can see for yourself how many people there really were.

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daisiesandlace said...

WOW Ruth, you told her, didn't you! Great response.

---- wrote:
> Dear Kelley,
> Sherrilyn Ifill is a professor at the University Of Maryland school of Law.
She has written an article advocating the release of all "non violent" drug
offenders to reduce prison populations. She asserts that blacks and Latinos are
unfairly burdened by being imprisoned for these crimes. (She is also a black
woman.) Below is my response:
> Dear Ms. Ifill, I take exception to your assertion that drug offenders are non
violent criminals. Every one who participates in the drug culture contributes to
the violence associated with it.They also contribute to the thefts, robberies,
and prostitution used to support their drug habits. They contribute to the
murders of drug rip-offs, and territorial disputes. ERGO there is no such thing
as a non-violent drug offender. If I buy product from a business, knowing that
the profits of that business support terrorism, then I am PARTICIPATING IN THAT
TERRORISM. Yes an inordinate number of blacks and Latinos are imprisoned. An
inordinate number of blacks and Latinos participate in violent gangs and SHOULD
be incarcerated. Yes education is cheaper than incarceration. However much of
what youth needs to learn to be successful adults should be taught at home and
in their communities. Accountability and responsibility and respect, need to be
instilled while children are toddlers. The best and most effective way to reduce
prison numbers is to have fewer offenders. Toward that end, communities must
band together to raise the bar of expectations, reduce the numbers of unwanted
children, and to care for the ones that are here. Government should extend and
mandate public education through a 4 year college degree or advanced technical
degree. Why do we tolerate allowing thousands to drop-out? It should NOT even be
an option. Yes we have a long way to go, we should start at the beginning with
toddlers, not at the end with street-wise, hardened criminals.

Rising Racial Violence